04.28.09 - I PRESS ON

I know it's been about a year since I've written a word for this journal, and some may be wondering why I even have a journal page.  For those who check this site frequently, please forgive me for not keeping you up to date - but my guess is you may be a friend on facebook.  (smile)  Almost daily, I write in my personal journal I use during my quiet times, then there's facebook, personal email accounts, and I've had so much going on in the past year.  I'm going to be honest with you as I could use the prayer.  I've been extremely tired and in pain most of the time.  Some of you know that I have fibromyalgia and it has been getting progressively worse, especially since we moved to Wisconsin in 2003. The cold weather sure doesn't help, but I am trying to hold on to the things of God.  I have been in Cosmetology school as a part-time student since Sept. '07, and although I really enjoy it, it wreaks havoc on my body.  Again, I hold on to Jesus and even though my body aches, the joy of the Lord remains in me!  If I'm in pain and I'm smiling at you, the smile is authentic because I really am glad to see you ... but my body hurts.  There are days I accept it and other days I don't.  I've been athletic all of my life and to see it come to this is a real let down of my spirit.  Yet I press on ... I am still writing songs ... some songs in fact are being played at churches around the country.  I am humbled to know that even though I am not always able to travel to reach people for Christ, my songs are doing just that!  Keeping it all in perspective, I know that there are people far worse off than I am and are confined to their home or hospital bed for various reasons.  At least I'm still mobile and I thank God for that!

An interesting God-thing in the past couple of years is that I've been able to forge friendships with a younger age group than myself.  The young women I am in school with sure are a feisty bunch indeed, and so many broken hearts looking for something to fulfill a much needed void in their hearts.  I try to be a light ... I try to point them to the cross in a way that seems attainable.  I don't water down the message, I refuse to do that, so if someone asks me why I have joy ... I tell them, "JESUS!"  They need to hear the truth, they are owed at least that much.  They may love me, they may hate me ... but they are owed the truth!  Jesus told the truth and though He had a lot of friends, He also had plenty of enemies.  Some hearts are not ready to receive what I believe ... for now!  I pray and hope the Lord pours His spirit upon each one of them, showing them the grace, mercy and forgiveness that He showed me, and that grace led me to Him!  What a wonderful journey this has been ... joys, triumphs, fatigue, pain, disappointment and all!  Nothing compares to the joy in my heart for my God in heaven ... NOTHING!  I wouldn't trade this life of knowing Him for the other where I didn't!  Seems so simple, doesn't it?  But I think it really IS simple!  Once you hear the simplicity of the gospel, either you're for Him or against Him.  It's black or white ... no gray!  The Bible says to choose today who you will serve.  Choose now ... choose Life ... choose Him ... and begin to LIVE!   (Jesus said that "In this world you will have trouble, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world." ~ John 16:33).

04.24.08 - MISSIN' MY MAMMA

I must say that lately I've been experiencing a change in myself, due to growing older and perhaps the finality of life here on earth. I recently had my Ma visit me from my hometown, Toronto, CANADA. My Ma is a quiet, subdued woman who has been through a lot in her lifetime. I had the pleasure of spending time with her and talking to her about mother/daughter things. We shared some very intimate conversations throughout her trip here. Although we had a memorable time together, it gnawed at me that time is running short. Do you ever feel this way? I've lived away from home since 1990 and I feel as I've let too many years pass without being with her. I've gone home for visits at least once a year in all the years I've been gone, but suddenly there's an urgency. I'm left feeling as though I'm desperately trying to grasp the lost time with my hands and it slips through my fingers like air. I love my Ma! I love her so much and want to be there for her always. When she left yesterday to go back to Toronto, I watched as she walked through security, then down the hall towards her destined gate. She looked back a couple of times ... and I was there ... always there for her to see me. I never moved out of view. I had a lump in my throat. I wanted to jump the security ropes and run to her and hold her. I wanted her to embrace me like she always did when I was a child ... no wait, the way she ALWAYS does, period!!! Only the way a mother could hold her one and only daughter. We share a special bond, my Ma and me! There are some secret things we've confided in each other that I could never bring myself to share with others! I guess this is another reminder to live the life God has given me and love those He placed in my life, right now, with eternity in view, and to have no regrets when He calls me home.

01.10.08 - THERE IS A HOPE

Hello all, I wanted to extend a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone and remind you that God loves you! I have recently met up with people who have thoughts that their lives aren't worth anything and contemplate ending it. If you're one of those people, please know there's a God out there that cares for you and loves you so much. He gave you life, and He'll call you home when it's your time. Not a minute sooner!

If you think you don't deserve to live, think again! Every life was put on this earth for a specific purpose. Find out what your purpose is and pursue it with a reckless abandon. So many people feel hopeless and helpless because they feel they have no purpose. That couldn't be further from the truth. God wants you to KNOW your purpose according to His will ... just ask Him what it is and He'll impress it on your heart. When you have a purpose - you come to life, especially knowing it was specifically designed for you! You'll realize your life matters to someone around you and is better off for knowing you. You may not even know what a simple smile can do for people that you see while you're out and about. That could be the day they wanted to end their life, and your smile would give them hope for promising tomorrow. Jesus is that hope! Hang on to Him for dear life and He'll carry you through whatever trial you're now facing. He'll never leave or forsake you. Yeah, you've heard that a hundred times, but IT'S TRUE!!! HE NEVER WILL LEAVE YOU TO FEND FOR YOURSELF! Put your trust in the God of the universe and KNOW that He has your BEST in mind for you. Why would you want to settle for anything less than God's best? His best is not walking away from from a battle, but letting Him go before you and fighting it for you. So let Him! Let Him face your giants! Let Him tell the accuser in your life that you're HIS and no one can touch you! You're on His watch ... let Him be your guide.

I may be rambling on, but I know someone out there is reading this that feels hopeless about their life. I'm here to tell you there is a hope, and that hope is Jesus Christ. If you've never received Jesus in your heart, you can do that today. Just ask Him to forgive you of your sins ... ask Him to cleanse you from within ... ask Him to be the Lord of your life from this moment on. He'll be there for you, I promise -- your life will change and you'll wonder why you didn't do this sooner! A calm will come over you and you'll realize the bright future that He has planned for you. Oh, and don't forget to smile at someone today!!! You may be saving a life!
~ His kid forever,


Just writing to give you an update. We've been really busy with concerts throughout the summer months and God has again shown us His faithfulness by providing for us. Even though we pushed ourselves a little much, God always gave us the time to rest in between. We played a few festivals and a concert in the park around Wisconsin, and led worship at churches locally.

In September, we'll be in Illinois from the 14th - 16th. With prayer and perseverance, we were able to fill a weekend with bookings and we're looking forward to expanding our Kingdom family even more. We plan to go to Toronto for the Christmas holiday and will be there from Dec. 21 - 27. If you live in the Toronto area & know a few places where we can do a concert or fill in for Sunday morning worship, please contact me via our CONTACT page on this web site. There's nothing we'd love more than to minister to my family and friends in Canada that need a touch of Jesus in their lives. Speaking of family, my Pa had a bad fall this month. He and Ma were walking down a flight of stairs when he got dizzy, took a tumble and hit his head pretty hard. He had to get stitches behind his ear where he was bleeding. He's been very dizzy ever since and could use some prayers for healing. We're hoping it's not his heart. He's 78 and is not too keen on getting older, so your prayers would be much appreciated.

Finally, Dave and I are continuing to be blessed in our marriage. As we draw closer to Jesus, we grow closer to each other. My husband and I have never been more in love than we are today. It keeps getting better and better because Jesus is the third strand of this three strand cord. Oh, one more cool thing … we really had a neat little worship night at our house with a few friends recently, and saw the goodness of Jesus work throughout the evening. We worshipped through music, shared Scriptures, testimonies, and prayer. The Lord did an amazing work in all of us. We plan to do another one in October and hope to continue every couple of months. It's just a time of refreshing for our spirits where we can pour out our love to those in need, as Jesus pours out His love to us. I'll be back to write again soon. In the meantime, put your trust in Christ alone!

~ Cheers, Rosanna


Quite often the Lord brings to mind several people who were instrumental in leading me to the Lord. He strategically placed people in my life who would in turn pray for me to really know Jesus in my heart. In the '90's, I was living in a 12-unit apartment building in North Hollywood, CA, and one of my neighbors was a man named Kirk. He lived there for a number of years, and had one day decided to move down to Hermosa Beach, which was quite a ways away from the valley where I lived. One day before he moved away, he asked me when was I going to start hanging around with people of integrity. I had been hanging around a woman who used to live in our building and had shown herself to be a false friend repeatedly. His words to me cut like a knife and I never forgot them. Not long afterward, I received the Lord and saw Kirk in the valley. The following is a part of a recent email he sent me.

You are my favorite "God" story. How God make me pray for you all the time and I didn't want to. I didn't have "quality" faith then. God would make me pray for you but I would pray things like "God, I know this will probably never happen but could you touch Ro's heart". That was about it. Never more than a sentence or two. But God persisted and I was the son that said he wouldn't go into the field to work but would change his mind and go anyway. I didn't have the faith but I did obey.

The day God lead me to stand of the corner of Laurel Cyn and Moorpark, not even knowing why I was standing there was a telling day. When you drove by and yelled out that you had become a born again Christian God instantly replayed for me every one of those pathetic prayers I had prayed for you in an instant. It was amazing. They all flashed right before my eyes. Then he spoke to me as clear as he ever has. Not in an angry way or accusing way but gentle, loving, powerful and firm all at the same time. God simply said "See what I can do even with those prayers". And I knew what he meant by "those". They were weak at best and rebellious at worst but I was still a baby in that area so God showed me grace.

Every time I wonder if my prayers are having any affect he brings you to mind. Who would've known all those years ago what God had in mind and that my gifting would be prayer and that I would be leading the intercessory prayer group at my church today. God is amazing. The revelation is that it is obedience that counts, and not the level of faith I think I have - because obedience is the evidence of faith. Even if that faith is as small as a mustard seed God can work with it."

I just wanted to remind folks out there that even when you think you have no faith at all, God hears your prayers. Prayers don't have to be long to be heard by our God. Kirk's prayers were short, to the point and I know his heart was in the right place when he prayed them. God heard him and as a result, I became a part of His eternal Kingdom. I encourage you to pray for anyone and everyone that crosses your path. You may be surprised who you see in heaven.

~ In His Amazing Grace, Rosanna


Before I write anything else I want to share with you something Pina said before she passed away. Not long before her passing as she was surrounded by her family, and she said to them, “I’ve packed my wedding dress … I’m ready to go.” When her sister Mary told me this shivers went up my spine. I recalled a verse in Rev. 19:7, 8 – “Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready. Fine linen, bright and clean was given her to wear” (Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the saints.)

I was filled with an inexplicable joy knowing she was preparing herself for her wedding with Jesus. How else would her spirit know this? She wasn’t drawing from any memory for she’d never been married. I just pictured her in pure white linen dancing with her Savior. What a beautiful image! I could hardly contain myself so I cried out to Jesus and thanked Him that Pina was in His arms. I’m sure her hospital room was filled with His glory and I am in awe of His wonderful mercy!

As I write this I’m sitting at Starbucks having a very filling Cinnamon Dolce Latte and looking at the snow come down. Dave and I woke up to a beautiful snowfall yesterday morning and were literally dancing all over the kitchen and living room – much like today as the snow fell even heavier than yesterday. Wow, what a blessing. We sat in our living room this morning for hours just staring out at our backyard trees and their boughs laden with snow. A perfect picture postcard no doubt! Why am I going on and on about the snow? Regardless of what people think of Wisconsin, there hasn’t been a whole lot of snow in last two winters, and for two years in a row we had no snow on the ground for Christmas. We had two snow storms last year, and two this year... until today, Dave had only broken out the shovel two times! So if people out there think that this is snow central, they’re sadly mistaken. It’s not just that it snowed that marveled us – it was the fact that I was on my way to Starbucks and realized I could not get out of my garage because of how high the snow was. Dave tried backing out of our driveway to make a path, but got stuck. Now here comes the best part. Our neighbors Susan, Jim, Rob, Tom and Ray came over to help us get ‘unstuck’, then shoveling and used their snow blower to help clear the driveway. A neighbor was driving by and helped as with the car fiasco. Then Ray, another neighbor lent us his gigantuous snow blower so we could remove some of the larger mounds. Do ya get the picture here? Neighbors helping neighbors! What a blessing that we have friends that we can call on and help us. Without them, they probably wouldn’t have seen us ‘til the spring when the snow melted. But seriously, let me tell you that this isn’t the first time our neighbors helped us out this way, nor has this been the only way they’d helped us. The list is too long! I want to extend a big thanks to the family who lives next door to us – the Dyers. Your Christ-like display is evident in your lives and by the way you treat people in our community. Dave and I love you and appreciate you!

01.18.07 - PINA MADE IT HOME

On Tues. Jan. 16, Pina went to be with Jesus! She carries the burden no longer. Rest in peace my beautiful friend – you made it home!


11.17.06 - DID WE SAY IT ALL?

I’ve been contemplating putting my thoughts in writing for over a month now, but somehow couldn’t sit down long enough to make it happen. Here I am at one of my favorite coffee establishments pouring out (no pun intended) bits of me and allowing you take another look into my transparent heart.

In mid-October I visited my high school friend Pina in Toronto who has bone cancer. It was heart-wrenching to see her in so much pain from an intruder that is now spreading throughout her body. Somehow this ugly disease had taken hold of her small frame and seemed to have control of her emotions at any given time of the day. She would take a few pills to ease her discomfort somewhat. After she took her pills she’d wait with anxiousness for them to start taking affect. Until then her face showed signs that she could take it no longer. Her eyes tightly shut, and the crease between her brows only intensified. She’d clench the blanket around her as though by doing so that would relieve the pain. She told me that the only time she was at peace was when the Bible was being read to her - so I did just that. She’d close her eyes and fall into a deep sleep and you could see the release on her face. How I thanked God for relieving her of some of the pain, even for an hour at a time. When she slept I sat by her feet on the couch either praying over her or doing my daily devotions. Watching her sleep gave me some kind of comfort - as though she were someplace where there was no pain. Maybe she was dreaming of heaven?

When she’d wake from her nap, there would either be silence or a sprinkling of conversation, always depending on how she felt. When we spoke, we talked about our memories together. Sometimes I made her laugh so hard she would have tears streaming down her face. It was good to see her laugh! She has a laugh that I can almost imitate and when I do that in front of her, it would cause her to laugh even more. We would sit with her two sisters Mary and Lia, whom I also went to high school with. They brought up stories that I had almost forgotten. Yes, I laughed until there were tears streaming down my own face. I had the opportunity to pray with all three a couple of times, and a few times with just Pina. I know God was there because of the vulnerability in the room that could only have come from Him.

My last evening with Pina, we were sitting at her kitchen table with her parents, her nurse and my Mom. Again, she laughed until she cried, but this time I saw pain in her eyes. Not physical pain, but the pain that comes from a broken heart. I felt it immediately and bowed my head so she wouldn’t see that I caught a glimpse. She asked if we could go into the living room alone to talk. She lay down on the couch and there was only the dim light of the TV behind me, but I could still see her face. She began to cry in anguish and her face screamed of words she couldn’t express. She said this was difficult for her. I asked her if she meant the cancer, and she responded, “No, saying goodbye to you is so hard.” I felt that familiar lump in my throat, then I felt the release and I too began to cry. I held her hand, I caressed her face and I hugged her. She told me how much she loved me and I told her the same. We shared some humorous moments that I’ll always treasure. Then she asked me, “Did we say it all?” The finality of that question still haunts me today. I wasn’t prepared to hear it, nor to answer it. I answered her question with a question, “What do you mean ’Did we say it all?’ We can never say it all.” I stared at her and studied her face, every part of it ... her eyes, her brows, her nose, teeth, mouth, even her hands as I held them. I didn’t want to forget her, but I knew I’d see her again. It would either be here or in heaven, either way, I’d see her again. Still I felt this desperate need to take a photograph of her face in my mind. I would not allow myself to forget her no matter what. I prayed with her again, and we continued to cry. The moment came for me to leave and I found myself running back to hold her again three more times. We couldn’t let go ... I didn’t want to let go. I wanted to carry her small frame in my arms and hold her until she’d stop crying. She had to take deep breaths because she was starting to feel nauseas, as she does when she gets overwhelmingly emotional. I stayed until she calmed down, then walking backward, I found my way to the door still trying to record the last moments. She lay there curled up like a child. I begged the Lord to ease her pain - all of it! I left and found myself crying in my Mother’s arms as she consoled me. I realized she needed consoling too, so we held on to each other in comfort.

I spoke with Pina on the phone today and although the cancer is still there, she is living life like a warrior. She continues to surrender herself to the Lord - her entire body. She always said to me during my visit, “My body is His and He can take it whenever He wants.”

I will continue to pray for healing for God would want that. Death comes to us all on this earth and none of us are leaving here alive, not one of us. But there is one of two places where you will spend eternity and the choice is entirely yours. Pina has chosen to be with her Lord and is prepared to meet her Maker … are you? If you’re reading this right now, then today is the day. Ask Him into your heart and He will. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins and He will. Ask Him to be Lord of your life and He will. Then ask Him if you’ll spend eternity with Him, and He’ll answer, “You will!”



It’s 7:30 a.m. and I’m overlooking the lake here at the cottage in northern Wisconsin. Dave and I come here for weekend getaways during the summer when time allows. Sometimes the lake has a coat of morning mist gently layered over it as the sun breaks its way through in God’s perfect timing. This morning though, it’s clear and everything from across the lake is visible. The blue sky is carefully dusted with white clouds moving slowly toward their destination. Where do clouds go anyway?

God always reveals something about who I am deep inside during these weekends. Sometimes they are things that are hiding deep at the core of my being that if given a choice, would not want to know about. This was one such weekend. More of my ugliness was revealed to me about things I shouldn’t fear. He’s constantly testing me in one area and I keep failing the test because of my own pride. Yet every time I fail, He tests me again – in the same area! Do you think He’s trying to purge something from within? It’s scary and refreshing at the same time to think He knows my heart completely … more than He let’s on. He’s a good God!

This weekend there’s been a lot to ponder. My uncle Angelo in Toronto died of a sudden heart attack last May. I flew back to Toronto the next day after I received the news of his passing and spent the entire time with family. He spoke in broken English and left us with plenty of phrases that we’ve coined exclusively as his. We repeat them to one another to this day. I don’t think he knew how funny he really was. I felt a tremendous aching in my heart at the loss of my uncle … he sure was a funny Italian. He’ll be missed.

A couple of weeks ago my uncle Goedo from Boston passed away. My uncle was the only Italian that I’ve ever met that played tennis and played it well. The first time I saw him play was when I visited there at age 13. He’d play with his wife, my aunt Adelaide, another Italian who was his equal in the game. My jaw would drop watching them play. The reason why I was in awe of their skill was because none of my relatives (all born in Italy), could not play sports like these two. They were Italian immigrants. Most Italian immigrants that I know, no wait, ALL Italian immigrants that I know cannot play tennis and play it well. My aunt and uncle had finesse for they loved life and it showed. My aunt Adelaide now has Alzheimer’s and is in a nursing home. She still doesn’t know of her husband’s passing. I still think of them playing tennis with joy and ease and I get a lump in my throat every time I do. So much has changed over the years and sometimes my head spins trying to comprehend it all. My uncle Goedo has been supportive of my music from the beginning and was so proud of everything I did. When I was 20 he gave me an American flag because he knew how much I loved the USA. Not just any American flag, but one he received from the military. I had it pinned up in my room for years until I moved to the States in the ‘90’s. Maybe his appreciation of my love for this country was what inspired me to move here in the first place and helped make that dream a reality.

A couple of weeks ago I found out my dear friend from Toronto named Pina has Stage 4 bone cancer … my heart broke! I’ve always known her to be a petite woman of maybe 5’ and 105 lbs. She was always opinioned and knew how to make me chuckle without trying. She just has that kind of personality. A feisty little Italian/Canadian! I’ve known her since high school and we have been good friends since I was in college. She’s now 96 lbs., has a difficult time speaking because of all the chemo and has excruciating pain all over. The good news is that she received the Lord in her heart last week. She wanted to know where she was going after she left this earth because she expressed that she just didn’t know. I took her through the sinner’s prayer and after we were done I assured her she was going to heaven to be with Jesus one day. Afterward her first words to me were, ‘I’ll see you there, huh Ro?’ We both wept. I’m going home to see her in October … I miss my friend and just want to hold her hand and be with her. She said she only feels peace when she reads the Bible. I asked if I could read to her while I’m there and she said she’d love that. God has instructed me to pray for her complete physical and emotional healing, and I would ask anyone who’s reading this to please do the same. I’m not ready to let her go.



IT CAN'T BE ALMOST APRIL ALREADY! I've been trying to trust God's timing with the whole CD recording process and have been challenged to believe that He knows what is best. My timing seems rarely to be the same as His. We were hoping to have the CD finished in April or May but now we're realistically looking at summer. Unless you're a musician and have gone through this process, you can only imagine the work and tears and hours of creative and musical decision-making that goes into a project like this. When you're not with a major record label, you have to take care of ALL the details yourself! Like on the songs...what added instruments or background vocals to record; what instruments you want to stand out more in the mix. What songs to include on the CD, what order to put them in, where to put the song lyrics, what to have on the front and back cover, who will do the art work, what about the finances to pay for all this!! I could go on and on. Needless to say it can be overwhelming and has gotten the best of me at times. Thank God for the opportunity to do this but geez, you'd think it could come together with much less opposition. But then how would my character and my faith grow? You get the idea! I'm on a roller coaster of music ministry, and I'm thinking that God has me exactly where He wants me...looking up to Him in stubborn surrender. I know God will provide as He always has. We walk by faith and not by sight. I am grateful to those who have contributed to this project several different ways. Their gifts and talents are amazing and so are their hearts, especially those partnering in prayer. Would you be a continued prayer partner? That would mean so much! Never be afraid to send me your prayer requests as well! We're all in this together! I bid you farewell for now with a holy kiss!! ~ Rosanna



Well, the inevitable happened. We finally had to make the heart-wrenching decision to say good bye to our dog Digger over the weekend. He was 13 years old, lived a happy life for 12 of those years, and had a family that loved him like crazy. Dave has had him since he was a puppy and I’ve only known him for five years, but his passing cut my heart like a knife. Dave seems to be holding it more together for my sake. Ginni (Digger’s mate) is depressed and since they did everything together, she’s missing her fella. We’re really trying to have the Lord’s perspective through this, that our loving pets are another one of His mercies to us and that He cares about what is dear to us. Yet, people and souls are God’s mission and ours too. So as we grieve, we also thank God at the same time for what Digger added to our lives. Your prayers for comfort, strength, and His peace would be greatly appreciated!


12.31.05 - THANK YOU, LORD!

What a year it’s been! Up, down, all around and back up again! Lost some friends, gained new ones, and continued to develop relationships with those I’ve known for years. I thank God for how deep some of them are becoming and what life-changing insights are developing in our characters through our continued contact.

I have to mention the impact Taycheedah Correctional Prison for Women has had on me. Those ladies have no idea how much THEY’VE impacted MY life upon my visits there! I pray God continues to soften their hearts towards Him and others, so they can share His love within those walls. I also pray He tears down the walls around their hearts in the coming year. God bless you Chaplain Gail for loving these women unconditionally!

“ Thank You Lord, for being by my side when I was angry, disappointed and sad throughout this past year. I also thank You for rejoicing with me in the triumphs. You’ve healed my body, my voice, some broken relationships that I thought were lost forever. Thank you for those renewed friendships. Thank you for my wonderful husband Dave who I can’t imagine my life without. For all of the times we wake up, put on uplifting worship music and dance like we know what we’re doing, then fall to our knees with such uncontainable laughter! Who else could I share that with, then afterward receive such a loving hug knowing he’s thinking what I’m thinking? “Boy, we’re such GEEKS!” Thank You for our families and all the support they give us on a constant basis. Bless them Lord! Thank You Lord for those who have supported our ministry, however You’ve lead them to. Their obedience was sown into our lives in ways that will last a lifetime!

Thank You Jesus for allowing my heart to be thrust against crashing waves, and for giving me the courage to face adversity over and over again. These circumstances only helped mold my heart to be a little more like Your’s. I am so imperfect and have such a long way to go, but I will persevere and run the race until I look in the mirror one day and look like You. Bring on the New Year Lord! In Jesus’ name – Amen!”



Wow, so much has been going on lately. I’ve been experiencing some losses and they’ve challenged my faith and my maturity as a Christ follower. I know God has allowed these trials because nothing passes by His desk unless He puts a check mark beside it. I was growing weary and my patience was dissipating. “When is this dark cloud going to disappear?” One of our dear friends in Southern California passed away just a few weeks ago … our family dog has stage V cancer, there are family members experiencing tremendous stress, and because of our geographical distance, I feel helpless. Dave and I have been praying and researching the possibility of adopting a child and there was much confusion in the initial process. Also, since I discovered I had vocal polyps, my faith has been tested in simply trusting God for my voice to be used for His glory. “Why God … why all of this at once?” I felt Him responding, “Even if you knew why, would the answer satisfy and comfort you?” Probably not! Still, I wanted answers but I wasn’t receiving any. Then I turned to Job 38 and just the first few verses reminded me of who He is!

1 Then the LORD answered Job out of the storm. He said: 2 "Who is this that darkens my counsel with words without knowledge? 3 Brace yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer me. 4 "Where were you when I laid the earth's foundation? Tell me, if you understand. “

What’s even more astounding is that God never gave Job a reason for allowing all of the losses in his life. Through it all, Job’s faith in God never wavered, and God restored all to him particularly when he prayed for his friends. He removed the focus from himself and prayed for others. Now that’s the kind of faith I want.

Recently, the Lord’s been giving me an inexplicable peace about my circumstances and encouraging me to trust in Him for everything. Now you’d think I’d learn my lesson after all of the years I’ve known Him! In my own strength I’ve always messed up, but when I hand everything to Him, not only am I at peace, but I am assured that He works everything out for good for those who love Him in Christ Jesus.

Be encouraged!

~ Rosanna