Haven't you heard? Rosanna’s new CD was released on September 16, 2006! The process began early in the year when she went to Nashville to record. The musicians on “haven’t you heard...” ended up being far above what Rosanna had originally expected. Through the recommendation of a trusted friend, the engineer, Trey Gray brought in several band members from Faith Hill and Brooks & Dunn to play on Rosanna’s new project. That's because Trey was Faith’s drummer for several years. He later became the drummer for Brooks & Dunn right up until their recent retirement! Also appearing on the record are two former members of Rich Mullins’ band, Dove award winner Mitch McVicker, and Cobra Joe Curet. One highlight and honor for Rosanna was to record a version of Rich’s, “My Deliverer” which Mitch graciously sang with her. Her vocals were recorded later, and for the first time, she had the experience of having a small choir on two different songs. To Rosanna's delight, the CD was sent to Los Angeles and mixed by Grammy Award winner Jim Watts. The whole record finally came together after a very long, character-testing road.

Rosanna started off her tour in Wisconsin, then California, and the rest is being played out as you read this...as God orchestrates. Looking back at the start of her “Grace Journey” tour in 2004, Rosanna won the “Best New Music” award from the FISH Radio station in Los Angeles. That unexpected blessing opened up the door for her to perform at a Southern California festival between Crystal Lewis and Jeremy Camp! This momentum also helped peak the interest of radio stations all over the country, and since then she’s played in well over 100 U.S. cities and a trip to Canada. One difference in Rosanna’s new music on “haven’t you heard...” is the sense of joy and the hope of heaven. The title song comes from Isaiah 40:28 - “Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary and His understanding no one can fathom.” Her desire is to lead people to Jesus Christ, the Savior. This is a new season in her life and the adventure in faith continues...

In the early 90’s, Rosanna moved to Los Angeles, California, and became the backup vocalist for Toto’s lead singer, Bobby Kimball. She was also one of the co-writers, including Bobby Kimball, for the song, “Staring in the Face of Love.” She has shared the stage with Paul Shaffer, Steve Lukather (Toto), Bobby LaKind (The Doobie Brothers); and later performed with Kim Hill, Andre Crouch and Sarah Kelly. She became a born-again Christian in 1996, started writing new music, and began leading worship for home Bible studies and various ministries. She has also assisted in counseling homeless teens and distributing food for Covenant House in Hollywood, CA.

Rosanna attended Christian Assembly in Eagle Rock, CA for four years and sang on the church’s worship team led by Tommy Walker of Integrity Music. She also vocally participated in Tommy Walker's "Never Gonna Stop' CD, which is still one of her favorite worship compilations. Most recently, she co-wrote a worship song with Rick Founds (Lord I Lift Your Name On High) entitled "You Are With Us", and continues to write her own songs. She currently leads worship for various churches, coffee houses, benefits and evangelical outreaches. Rosanna is married to “the love of her life,” Dave, formerly of Iron Mountain, Michigan, who does her booking, managing, and often plays drums with her band. They relocated from Los Angeles, California to Appleton, Wisconsin.

From major Festivals to Women’s retreats to Christian Coffee Houses, Rosanna feels her purpose is to sing and write songs that the Lord has given her, hoping that He will heal the brokenhearted and people will be set free (Isa.42:6 -8 & 61:1) Rosanna prays that those who don’t know Jesus will be introduced to His grace and mercy through her songs. What does Rosanna have to say about worship? “God doesn’t need our worship, but He deserves it and instructs us to worship Him. As we do, whether in song, prayer, or in action, it changes us – the worshipers. It’s important that as we worship Him we don’t get in the way. If someone walks away from one of my concerts thinking about me, I haven’t done my job."